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Dennis Breuker [1]

Dennis M. Breuker,
a Dutch computer and games scientist. He defended his M.Sc. at the Computer Science Department of the Leiden University and his Ph.D. at the Computer Science Department of the Maastricht University, where he was author and co-author of various papers with focus on search algorithms, the utilization of the Transposition Table and Graph History Interaction (GHI). Memory versus Search in Games is the title of his Ph.D. thesis [2] , a recommended reading for every chess programmer.


Dennis is author of the chess program Duck, already written during his studies in Leiden, with later improvements when he was in Maastricht. As co-author of the Othello program Aida, Dennis Breuker won the silver medal during the 4th Computer Olympiad 1992 in London [3] . A further chess program by Dennis Breuker, AliBaba, was written for testing various hashing algorithms - with the permission of the author, a modified version is available from Dann Corbit's site [4] and was adopted to WinBoard by Jim Ablett [5] .

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