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Zorland Chess,
a chess program as part of the Zorland Games Toolkit to accompany the Zorland [1] C compiler, released in 1986. According to a description by Carey Bloodworth [2], Zorland Chess was developed by the British company Oxford Mobius [3], programmers were Nigel Lea, Graham Barrie, et al.. It was a bitboard chess program, based on the Chess 4.x description by David Slate and Larry Atkin [4], and the didcatic Chess 0.5 Pascal program by Larry Atkin and Peter W. Frey published 1978/1979 in the Byte Magazine. The program featured CGA graphics and was able to ponder.

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  1. Zorland, the company by Walter Bright, was later renamed to Zortech and Digital Mars, where Walter Bright created the D programming language
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  3. Oxford Mobius - MobyGames
  4. David Slate, Larry Atkin (1977). Chess 4.5 - The Northwestern University Chess Program. Chess Skill in Man and Machine, reprinted (1988) in Computer Chess Compendium

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