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Zeta, (Zeta OpenCL Chess)
an experimental open source chess engine by Srdja Matovic, written in OpenCL. The engine has been in development since 2010 and was first released July 13, 2011 under the GNU GPL. Zeta supports only some basic commands of the Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard and XBoard. It features Quad-Bitboards, and its ability to run on a GPU.


Zeta is written in C (host) and OpenCL (device). The host handles the IO, but all chess related computations are done in OpenCL on the device.

Zeta v099 is a port of Zeta Dva to OpenCL, with classic parallel Alpha-Beta search, therefore 64 gpu threads are coupled to one worker, used during move generation, move picking and evaluation in parallel.

Zeta v097 and v098 were designed to run thousands of independent threads on a GPU, therefore they store the expanded search tree via an randomized Best-First-MiniMax search in memory .

NPS and Playing Strength

  • Zeta 099k, AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, 256 workers, ~8 Mnps
  • Zeta 099k, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750, 16 workers, ~800 Knps, CCRL Elo est. 1932
  • Zeta 099k, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750, 1 worker, ~45 Knps, CCRL Elo est. 1738
  • Zeta 098c, Nvidia GeForce GTX 480, 4096 threads, ~5 Mnps, CCRL Elo est. 2000
  • Zeta 097x, Nvidia GeForce GTX 480, 4096 threads, ~5 Mnps, CCRL Elo est. 1800

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