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ZCT, (Zach's Chess Test)
an open source chess engine by Zach Wegner, written in C, in development since June 1, 2005 and first released April 29, 2008 under the GNU GPL. The latest version is 0.3.2500. ZCT is both Chess Engine Communication Protocol and UCI compliant. As of the release of ZCT 0.3.2500 on June 1, 2009 [2], the ZCT project is inactive.


Main features are the use of bitboards, an efficient process based parallel search using DTS, and a crappy evaluation.

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Tournament Play

ZCT played CCT10 and CCT11 tournaments, the ACCA 2008 and ACCA 2009 Annual ACCA Americas' Computer Chess Championships, and the WCRCC 2008 and WCRCC 2009 Annual ACCA World Computer Rapid Chess Championships.

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