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Timo Haupt takes a nap [1]

Timo Alexander Haupt, (née Klaustermeyer)
a German computer scientist in media studies and system administrator [2]. He holds a Diplom degree from Paderborn University in 2006 with the thesis Change of interaction between humans and machines on the example of chess [3]. Timo is chess player, computer chess aficionado, computer chess journalist in particular affiliated with Computerschach und Spiele, computer chess tester, opening book author and operator, most notably for Spike during the WCCC 2006, Cluster Toga at the WCCC 2008, Deep Sjeng at the DOCCC 2010, Protector at the WCCC 2015 and WCSC 2015, and GridGinkgo at the WCCC 2016 and WCCC 2018, where he also contributed with own ideas concerning the optimistic pondering parallelization [4]. Along with Ingo Althöfer, he introduced the concept of freestyle chess within a Blitz tournament in August 2004 [5] [6]. In 2002, Timoe Klaustermeyer was intern for the ChessBase website team, and later worked for Steinwender's EDV-Beratung [7] [8] .


WCCC 2006


WCCC 2006 Blitz: Timo Klaustermeyer and Alex Brunetti, Delfi - Spike [9] [10]

WCCC 2008


WCCC 2008, round 1, Harvey Williamson and Timo Klaustermeyer, Cluster Toga - HIARCS [11] [12]

WCCC 2015


Timo Haupt and Stefan Meyer-Kahlen at the WCCC 2015 in Protector - Shredder [13]

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