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The Crazy Bishop [1] [2] [3]

The Crazy Bishop (TCB),
a chess program by Rémi Coulom - one of the pioneers in supporting the Chess Engine Communication Protocol. TCB played the WMCCC 1997, the WCCC 2004 and WCCC 2005, as well as various French Computer Chess Championships, and the CPT 2009. The WCCC 2005 Ramat Gan version TCB0052 [4] is freely available from Rémi's site [5], it is further available for sale on the Apple App store [6], and as Android version [7].



FCCC 2002, The Crazy Bishop vs Chess Tiger, Rémi Coulom, Ernest Bonnem, background: Bruno Lucas, Franck Zibi [8]


given in 1997 from the ICGA site [9]:

This program is called The Crazy Bishop because it is a crazy project and a pun in French. The first lines of code of The Crazy Bishop were written in October 1996. It played its first public games on the French Internet Chess Server in December and became popular there, getting a high rating in blitz. It was then released as freeware in January 1997. The Crazy Bishop's algorithm is a very classical PVS. Its strength is based on a solid tactical play combined with a simple but fast evaluation function. 

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