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The second Chess Programmers Tournament, was organized in February 2009 by Richard Pijl. It took place in De Bouwhoeve, Hoogstraten-Wortel, Belgium. Twelve participants, six round swiss, time-control was 90 minutes per side and game. Pocket Shredder was added to make the field even, operated by Tessa Pijl.

Final Standing

# Program CC 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total SOS SoDOS
1 Shredder DE 9b1 3w1 6b1 2w½ 4b1 8w1 20 17½
2 The Baron NL 10b1 4w1 3b½ 1b½ 7w1 6w1 5 21 16¼
3 Diep NL 7w1 1b0 2w½ 11b1 8w1 5b½ 4 21 11¼
4 HansDamf DE 11w1 2b0 8w½ 5b1 1w0 9b1 20
5 Pocket Shredder DE 6b0 12w1 9b1 4w0 10b1 3w½ 15
6 Kallisto NL 5w1 8b1 1w0 7b0 12w1 2b0 3 20
7 The Crazy Bishop FR 3b0 9w1 10b½ 6w1 2b0 11w½ 3 17½
8 Hermann DE 12b1 6w0 4b½ 10w1 3b0 1b0 18½
9 Joker NL 1w0 7b0 5w0 12b1 11w1 4w0 2 17½ 2
10 Neurosis NL 2w0 11b1 7w½ 8b0 5w0 12b½ 2 16
11 Lime GB 4b0 10w0 12b1 3w0 9b0 7b½ 15 2
12 Tzunami NL 8w0 5b0 11w0 9w0 6b0 10w½ ½ 14½ 1


Program Author Origin Hardware
The Baron Richard Pijl Minderhout Belgium AMD dual-core Opteron 270
The Crazy Bishop Rémi Coulom Lille France
Diep Vincent Diepeveen Veenendaal The Netherlands AMD dual-core Opteron 285
HansDamf Gerd Isenberg Hattingen Germany AMD dual-core Athlon 64 X2 2.2GHz
Hermann Volker Annuss Unna Germany
Joker Harm Geert Muller Amsterdam The Netherlands Intel dual-core Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz (1 core)
Kallisto Bart Weststrate Krommenie The Netherlands Athlon 64 4500+
Lime Richard Allbert United Kingdom
Neurosis Stan Arts The Netherlands
Shredder Stefan Meyer-Kahlen Düsseldorf Germany
Pocket Shredder Stefan Meyer-Kahlen Düsseldorf Germany iPAQ 450MHz
Tzunami Ivo Tops Almere The Netherlands

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