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Smash in Badminton [1]

Smash, (Deep Smash)
an UCI compliant open source chess engine written by Maurizio Sambati in C++, distributed under the terms of the General Public License. Smash played the CIPS 2004, CCC 2005, CIPS 2005, CIPS 2007 Italian Computer Chess Championships.


Smash is a bitboard engine and uses rotated bitboards with 256 line occupancy states to generate sliding piece attacks. While earlier WinBoard versions used MTD(f), since 1.0 the Iterative deepening framework calls a principal variation search. Structured exception handling is used to catch terminate- and timer exceptions thrown elsewhere. Selectivity is applied with adaptive null move, futility- and delta pruning, check- and one reply extensions. A capture entering the pawn endgame is extended by two plies. Beside moves from the transposition table, and MVV-LVA for captures, move ordering is controlled by killer- and history heuristic. Evaluation determines positional aspects with piece-square tables, and considers pawn structure, king safety and various positional piece terms.

Deep Smash

Version 1.0 has been rewritten from scratch. Dubbed Deep Smash - it performs a parallel search using threads, applying ABDADA with a shared transposition table [2].



CCC 2005: Fabio Cavicchio (Delfi) and Maurizio Sambati - Smash [3]

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  1. In June 2005, Chinese Badminton player, Fu Haifeng set a world record when he hit a smash at over 208 miles per hour, from East Leake Badminton
  2. Re: interested in making single proccesor program multi by Alessandro Scotti, CCC, December 29, 2007
  3. Computer Chess Cup 2005 by Alessandro Scotti

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