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Fabio Cavicchio,
an Italian engineer and software developer, operating the Ravenna based software company MSB Software with focus on astrophotographical image processing and Planetarium Fulldome software [2]. As a chess player, he became interested in computer chess and chess programming during the 90s after studying the book I giocatori artificial (The Artificial Players) by Paolo Ciancarini [3] [4], and started the development of the chess engine Delfi [5].

Open Source

Fabio Cavicchio on open source [6]:

After the publication of my sources I received some critics: "more sources available means more cloned chess programs". I disagreed because Delfi was 200 ELO weaker then the best programs, so its sources were not a problem. Bye the way in two years Delfi improved more than 150 ELO, so the problem is now real. For this reason the latest version with source code available is 5.1. The new versions are not available. 

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