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The Enlightenment [1]

A Ray is part of a line from a starting square in one particular direction. Lines are either the orthogonal ranks and files or the diagonal lines, diagonals and anti-diagonals. The length of a ray varies from zero until seven squares.

Ray Directions

Following Compass rose gives the directions and single step increments of an 8x8 Board:

  northwest    north   northeast
  noWe         nort         noEa
          +7    +8    +9
              \  |  /
  west    -1 <-  0 -> +1    east
              /  |  \
          -9    -8    -7
  soWe         sout         soEa
  southwest    south   southeast

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  1. Photo by Gerd Isenberg, September 18, 2016, detail of the Flottmann gate, Art Nouveau theme of Dragon and Sun designed by Carl Weinhold, art director of blacksmith and foundry Füssmann und Fleeth, Essen, exposed at the industrial and trade exhibition 1902 in Düsseldorf, and baught by Heinrich Flottmann as gate for his jackhammer factory, today adjacent to the exhibition and event space Flottmann-Hallen in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and part of The Industrial Heritage Trail of the Ruhr area, "In the upper center of the gate is a symbol of The Enlightenment, a female head with a ray ring." from Flottmann-Tor – Hün un Perdün, see also Image from the archive of the city of Herne, and Flottmann-Hallen - Historie (German)

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