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an experimental, UCI compatible open source chess engine under the GNU General Public License written by Aleš Zamuda, available from a SourceForge SVN repository [1]. As its name suggests, QuTeChess is written in C++ using the Qt4.7 cross-platform application framework (using QTime, QThread). It reflects the author's dealings with Qt to implement UCI and CLI along with threads to start an interruptible search.


QuTeChess is quasi bitboard based using Tinker's approach in move generation of sliding pieces. Based on the serialization of attacks on the otherwise empty board, it tests for pseudo legality by looking whether squares between origin and target are empty. Its search is plain alpha-beta without transposition table inside an iterative deepening loop. The availability of changegenes.cpp suggests QuTeChess' piece values and a few random evaluation features could be tuned by an evolutionary computation approach of differential evolution [2].

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