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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard compliant chess engine by John Merlino. Myrddin started its life in 2009 as a 0x88 engine with rudimentary evaluation based on material and piece-square tables [2] , and was converted to bitboards in 2012 with v0.86. Search is basically alpha-beta with generally conservative extensions and reductions. Myrddin's SEE implementation is based on pseudo-code by Andres Valverde [3].

Myrddin 0.87

Myrddin 0.87, released in January 2015, features a lazy parallel search using processes and a shared hash table [4], based on an idea from Harm Geert Muller.

Myrddin 0.88

Myrddin 0.88, released in July 2021, is about 110 ELO stronger than v0.87 at 1 CPU and about 100 ELO stronger at 4 CPUs.


The program's name is related to its author's last name Merlino, the Italian equivalent of Merlin [5] , a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend, derived from the Welsh Myrddin, the name of the bard Myrddin Wyllt.

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