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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine by Balázs Jákó. It is a "homebrew" brute-force search based program. Since version 2.0, Merlin applies TDLeaf(λ) to tune a set of evaluation weights, stored inside an separate file and updated after each game.

Tournament Play

Merlin played various Hungarian Chessprogram Open tournaments, and won the MASPV 2004 [2], MASPV 2007 and MASPV 2008, and was runner-up behind Pandix at MASPV 2009. Merlin courageously played the WCCC 2013 and WCSC 2013 in Yokohama, and had a hard time in that strong field.

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  2. New Hungarian Chess Program Champion! by Gábor Szõts, Winboard Forum, May 31, 2004

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