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Balázs Jákó [1]

Balázs Jákó,
a Hungarian senior research engineer at PowerVR research, Imagination Technologies, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK, with experience in computer graphics, GPU programming, image processing, realtime rendering, software design and development, computer games, and computer chess. He holds a M.Sc. from Technical University of Budapest on the topic of Fast Hydraulic and Thermal Erosion on GPU [2]. Balázs Jákó is author of the FPS game engine Merlin3D using OpenGL, written in C++ and Lua, and is further author of the chess engine Merlin, which competed at various Hungarian Chessprogram Open tournaments, where it won three times.

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  1. Balázs Jákó LinkedIn
  2. Balázs Jákó (2011). Fast Hydraulic and Thermal Erosion on GPU. M.Sc. thesis, Supervisor Balázs Tóth, Eurographics 2011, pdf
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