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The Sakkprogramok Versenye 2008 [1] was held from August 30 to 31, 2008 in Budapest. According to the MASPV 2009 site [2], seven programs participated in double round robin with 12 games per player, and the official winner was Merlin, due the noncompetitive attendance of actual winner Pandix.

Final Standing

Following results were posted by Csaba Jergler, who organized the tournament. Scores in parentheses, here in the column labeled P*, consider the Pandix games [3].

# Program Authors P P*
Pandix Gyula Horváth 10
1 Merlin Balázs Jákó 9 9
2 Asterisk Péter Horváth
3 Hector for Chess Csaba Jergler
4 Timea László Gáspár
5 Tigran Gábor Mihály 2 3
6 LRChess Róbert Langó


Forum Posts


  1. sakkprogramok versenye by Csaba Jergler, Yahoo! Groups, April 9, 2008 (Hungarian) It was originally planned for MASPV2008, but will be another competition, it will not stick to the name ...
  2. MASPV 2009
  3. sakkprogramok versenye, vegeredmeny by Csaba Jergler, Yahoo! Groups, September 1, 2008 (Hungarian)

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