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Matthia Sabatelli [1]

Matthia Sabatelli,
an Italian computer scientist and Ph.D. candidate at University of Liège, researching on transfer learning which bridges between supervised and deep reinforcement learning. He holds a B.Sc. from University of Trento in 2014, and a M.Sc. from University of Groningen in 2017 [2].


At University of Groningen, Matthia Sabatelli worked on chess - the project work along with Zacharias Georgiou, Evangelos Karountzos and Yaroslav Shkarupa dealt with reinforcement learning in simple chess endgames such as KRK [3]. In his M.Sc thesis, supervised by Marco Wiering and Valeriu Codreanu, Matthia Sabatelli elaborates on learning to play chess with minimal lookahead, using multilayer perceptrons versus convolutional neural networks to approximate Stockfish’s evaluation, also comparing two different board representations for the input layer [4].

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