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a family of chess engines by Matthias Lüscher, written in C++, first released in April 1998. The free native Chessterfield comes with an own GUI, the experimental WinBoard compliant ChessterfieldCL along with its learning utility ChessterfieldEN is open source published under the GNU General Public Licence V2 [1]. Chessterfield applies alpha-beta with transposition table, null move pruning, razoring and various extensions inside an aspirated iterative deepening loop.



Chessterfield GUI [2]


While affiliated with ETH Zurich, inspired by Michael Buro's CG 1998 paper From Simple Features to Sophisticated Evaluation Functions [3], covering not only automated parameter tuning but a procedure for exploring the feature space able to discover new features in a computational feasible way, Matthias Lüscher implemented Buro's General Linear Evaluation Model (GLEM) inside ChessterfieldCL, using a three-layer neural network as evaluation function - documented in his technical report under supervision of Thomas Lincke and Christoph Wirth [4].

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