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Cheops, (CHEOPS, CHEss OPponent Simulator, Χέοψ)
a didactic open source chess engine by Tristan Miller, written in C++, licensed under the GNU GPL, and first released in 1999, version 1.0 in 2003, and version 1.2 in February 2015 [2]. The program uses a command line interface to interact with the user, and prints simple text diagrams to display the current position during game play. Moves are printed and entered in pure algebraic coordinate notation. Daniel José Queraltó has produced a build of CHEOPS 1.2 for Microsoft Windows. Michael Yee has produced an UCI compliant build of CHEOPS 1.1 [3].


Cheops uses a 64-square linear array board representation and performs a legal move generation anti-pattern by looking for from-squares of own pieces traversing the board in spiral order from center to the h1-edge, keeping, returning and splicing std::list as local move list variables on the stack. The tree search is fixed depth alpha–beta without quiescence search. The static evaluation function considers material, mobility, center proximity, king piece tropism, and a few pawn structure terms such as isolated, doubled and backward pawns [4].

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