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Daniel José Queraltó [1]

Daniel José Queraltó,
an Andorran computer scientist and FIDE Candidate Master [2] in chess. He is promoter of the Catalan Wikipedia, specially on topics related to chess, mathematics and computer science, and has featured its first article about the Abacus on March 17, 2001 [3] [4]. For his contributions he received the Lluís Carulla award in 2013 [5]. As computer chess programmer, Daniel José is author of the UCI compliant chess engine Andscacs [6].

Chess Olympiads

Daniel José Queraltó represented Andorra at eleven Chess Olympiads so far. Similar to Papua New Guinean player and chess programmer Shaun Press, he was quite close to his computer chess fellows at the 37th Chess Olympiad in Turin 2006.

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