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Celes Variabilis [1]

Celes, (31337)
a chess engine by Johan Hutting, at times supported by Marcel Veldhuizen, written in Delphi compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol [2], and since version 0.70 the UCI protocol. Celes was initially called 31337, but that's not a valid ICC and/or FICS name, so Celes was used [3]. It applies alpha-beta inside an iterative deepening framework with aspiration windows, further using the killer and null-move heuristic. Celes utilizes a main transposition table, a separate opening book transposition table, which covers transpositions of opening lines, and caches its evaluation results due to a evaluation hash table and pawn hash table [4].

Tournament Play

31337/Celes played three CSVN tournaments over the board, the ICT 2001, DOCCC 2002 and the ICT 2003, as well as four CCT Tournaments, CCT3, CCT4, CCT5 and CCT6.



DOCCC 2002: Marcel Veldhuizen and Johan Hutting (31337/Celes), Richard Pijl (The Baron) [5]

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