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Takeshi Ito [1]

Takeshi Ito,
a Japanese doctor of engineering and assistant professor at Department of Communication Engineering and Informatics, Faculty of Informatics and Engineering, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo. He serves as chair of the Cognitive Science and Entertainment (E&C) Research Station [2], and as director of the Computer Shogi Association (CSA) [3] [4]. Takeshi Ito is engaged in research on players' thought and cognitive processes such as learning, especially in the context of Go and Shogi. He is co-author of the Shogi programs HIT+SS, a knowledge based system applying a Selfish Search [5], and Bonanza [6], and a Ms. Pac-Man bot applying Monte-Carlo Tree Search, which won the Screen Capture Competition at CIG 2011 [7] [8].



Takeshi Ito at Forum of Computer Games 2010 - The Challenge of Computer Shogi [9]

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