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Manfred Hegener [1]

Manfred Hegener,
a German management engineer, in 1969 along with Florian Glaser, founder of Hegener & Glaser, since 1980 most famous of their Mephisto trademark dedicated chess computers. After the acquisition of Hegener & Glaser by Eric Winkler's Saitek Ltd. in 1994 [2] [3], Manfred Hegener founded the Hegener Marketing GmbH [4], and in 1996 joined forces with Ossi Weiner with his Hobby Computer Centrale, Weiner Vertriebs GmbH, to create the Millennium 2000 GmbH with its core business of chess computers, electronic games and consumer products [5]. In 2016 he handed over the business to Maximilian Hegener and Thomas Karkosch [6]..


WMCCC 1985

Ossi Weiner Manfred Hegener Richard Lang 1985.jpg

Ossi Weiner, Manfred Hegener and Richard Lang, WMCCC 1985 [7]

WCCC 1986


Manfred Hegener and Florian Glaser in Cologne WCCC 1986 [8]


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