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a chess variant which incorporates the Shogi rule in which a player can drop a captured piece. A captured piece reverses its color and goes to the capturing player's reserve or pocket. At any time, instead of making a move with a piece on the board, a player can drop a piece from his reserve onto an empty square on the board [1].

Crazyhouse could be played with Zillions of Games by Jeff Mallett and Mark Lefler. A pioneer in implementing Bughouse and Crazyhouse with his engine Sunsetter was Georg von Zimmermann. More recently, Harm Geert Muller made the necessary extensions and generalizations of the Chess Engine Communication Protocol along with its XBoard and WinBoard GUIs to support Crazyhouse as well as other variants and games [2] , and also published his new engine CrazyWa which supports Crazyhouse plus five Shogi variants [3]. Multi Variant Stockfish, a Stockfish fork maintained by Daniel Dugovic [4] [5], incorporated in various Lichess projects [6] [7], is able to play Crazyhouse as well. In 8 months, Stockfish-Crazyhouse was improved by 800 Elo points [8]. In 2016, Ferdinand Mosca started to play Crazyhouse tournaments [9] to maintain a rating lists [10].


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