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ZX Chess II, Cover [1]

ZX Chess, (ZXChess, ZX81 Chess, Timex 1000 Chess)
a family of chess programs for the Sinclair ZX81 developed by Artic Computing and distributed by Artic and other vendors since 1981. Opposed to the 1982 stable mate 1K ZX Chess by David Horne, which takes less than one KiB or memory, ZX Chess requires the 16 KiB expansion. The development took about one year, and ZX Chess was Artic's initial top seller, with no author mentioned on the booklet. Chris Thornton, credited as author of Spectrum Chess and Turbo Chess [2] for the ZX Spectrum, was presumably also involved in the development of ZX Chess. According to Artic's co-founder Richard Turner, Chris Thornton already programmed in Z80 machine language [3]. The Spacious Mind mentions Anthony Adam as author of ZX Chess II [4].



ZX Chess I Screen [5]

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