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Chris A. Thornton,
a British early computer games and chess programmer, along with Richard Turner, co-founder and director of the game development company Artic Computing in 1980, and founder of Kerian in 1984. According to Richard Turner in an 1982 interview, Chris Thornton programmed in Z80 machine code in that time [1] and was likely involved in the development of Artic's initial 1981 release ZX Chess I for the Sinclair ZX81, also due to the US market chess program Championship Chess aka TimeWare Chess for the Timex Sinclair 1000, which is credited to Thornton [2] [3]. However, Chris Thornton is author of the ZX Spectrum programs Spectrum Chess (Artic, 1982), and Turbo Chess (Kerian, 1884), as well as author of Ultra Chess (Aackosoft, 1985) for the MSX console [4].

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