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an open source chess engine by Scott Gasch, as successor of Monsoon also written in C and compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol.


Like Monsoon, Typhoon represents the board as 0x88 array, where the difference of two square coordinates has unique direction and distance relationship, extensively using vector delta tables for in check detection, move generation, X-ray attack detection, PGN file parsing for book creation, static exchange evaluation, and position evaluation. It performs a principal variation search with nullmove pruning, various extensions and transposition table. For evaluation purpose, Typhoon keeps track of piece-square and material balance incrementally. Utilizing a pawn hash table with some pawn bitboards, it considers the pawn structure along with multiple features for king and pieces, such as king safety and mobility to name a few. Typhoon supports Nalimov Tablebases and has various simple interior node recognizers for wrong color bishop endgames and trivially won KPK games. These recognizers are based on Thorsten Greiner's program Amy [2] [3].

Parallel Search

While running on a multi-processor machine, Typhoon uses a tree splitting algorithm somewhat similar to principal variation splitting to search in parallel with multiple threads. Splitting occurs after the first move has been searched at PV-nodes or if the first N moves at All-nodes [4] [5].

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