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Terry Everett,
an American sales manager, from 1977 until the 90s affiliated with the dedicated chess computer industry. Soon after the first commercial dedicated chess unit appeared, the Chess Challenger by Fidelity Electronics, she was hired by Sidney Samole to become his protégé and Fidelity's general manager. She was involved in the Fidelity acquisition by Hegener & Glaser in 1989 [1] and the foundation of Excalibur Electronics in 1992 [2].



Sid samole 1986 2.JPG

USOCCC 1986: Larry Kaufman talking with Sidney Samole (left) and Terry Everett [3] [4]



USOCCC 1988: Max Harell and Terry Everett operating Colossus 4.0 and Chessmaster 2100 [5]


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