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Shaun Press [1]

Shaun Press,
a Papua New Guinean, Australian software developer and roboticist, chess FIDE master and correspondence chess player, president of the Correspondence Chess League of Australia (CCLA) [2], international chess arbiter, member of FIDE rules and tournament regulations committee, and the FIDE Swiss pairing programs committee [3].

Computer Chess

As computer chess programmer, Shaun has written multiple chess programs, most notably Vanilla Chess (VChess), BChess and Fencer, and he organized [4] the Australasian National Computer Chess Championships, where he also participated with his programs.

Chess Olympiads

Shaun Press represented Papua New Guinea in seven Chess Olympiads from 2000 to 2012 [5] as player, since 2014 as official. In Turin 2006, he was quite close to his computer chess fellows.

Year Edition Location Shaun's Photos
2000 34th Chess Olympiad Istanbul, Turkey
2002 35th Chess Olympiad Bled, Slovenia
2004 36th Chess Olympiad Calvià, Majorca, Spain
2006 37th Chess Olympiad Turin, Italy [6] Olympiad 2006 - Google+
2008 38th Chess Olympiad Dresden, Germany [7] Olympiad 2008 - Google+
2010 39th Chess Olympiad Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia Olympiad 2010 - Google+
2012 40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul, Turkey Olympiad 2012 - Google+
2014 41st Chess Olympiad Tromsø, Norway Olympiad 2014 - Google+
2016 42nd Chess Olympiad Baku, Azerbaijan

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