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Rabbit, (Rabbit Chess)
a free 32-bit Windows chess program with an own GUI, written by Roberto Waldteufel, released in 1998 via Đorđe Vidanović's site and Gambit-Soft [2]. Written in Powerbasic [3], it is augmented with some Assembler to speed up the most CPU intensive parts like the evaluation function and move making and unmaking [4]. Apparently, Rabbit is a bitboard engine and applies the dense version of rotated bitboards considering the attack redundancy of the outer squares [5]. It performs a principal variation search with aspiration windows, preprocessing at the root, and searched about 30K to 50K nodes per second on a Pentium 200 MHz MMX [6].

Rabbit's Paradise


Where the Rabbit was born - Two of the Paps of Jura [7] [8]


Rabbit screenshot.jpg

Rabbit Chess [9]

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