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Raúl Rojas [1]

Raúl Rojas,
a Mexican born, German computer scientist and professor of computer science and mathematics from the Free University of Berlin. Raúl Rojas is head of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group [2] and his research interests covers Konrad Zuse [3], the history of computers, and applications of Neural Networks for board games, Robot bees, Robot soccer [4] and Autonomous Cars.

In 2001 Raúl Rojas hosted the First Berliner Emanuel-Lasker Computerchess-Tournament at the Free University, organized by the local computer chess enthusiasts Thorsten Czub, Ingo Bauer, Heiner Marxen, Peter Berger and others. Raúl Rojas gave an exclusive lecture for all participants on Konrad Zuse's Plankalkül, including some chess algorithm routines written in it.

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