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Temple of Barger-Oosterveld [1]

a WinBoard compliant open source chess engine by Stan Arts. It had its over the board tournament debut at the PT 47, November 2014, in Leiden, and was introduced and released soon after [2]. Beside the pure WinBoard open source version, two further Windows executables are provided. Nemeton3D comes with an own GUI with 3D Graphics Board, while NemetonSMP features a parallel search for up to 4 cores since version 1.7 [3].


Written in Pascal, Nemeton started as simple "bean counter", utilizing a 16x12.5 mailbox board array (board:array[0..200] of byte) without piecelists and therefor an extremely small memory footprint. Nemeton performs iterative alpha-beta with transposition table and fractional plies along with null move pruning, check extensions and 7th rank pawn extensions. Move ordering considers hash move with IID if not available, and sorts captures by MVV/LVA. and quiet moves by the killer heuristic. Nemeton 1 did not poll input while thinking, so that pondering or analyzing were not possible, but that was already fixed in Nemeton 1.1 due to threaded WinBoard input [4].


A nemeton was a sacred place of Celtic religion with trees. In Dutch, it also sounds like somebody who grabs material (Nemen Ton!) [5].



Nemeton3D 1.51 with its 3D Graphics Board [6]



PT 51, round 7, Johan de Koning and Stan Arts in The King - Nemeton 3D [7]

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