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NICBase 3.0 Game Screen [1]

NICBase, (NiCBase)
a chess database program of the Dutch chess publishing company New In Chess [2], developed in the late 80s and early 90s by Elsevier [3] with Hans and Nico Kuijf as affiliated developers. Originally designed for the Atari ST [4], NICBase was soon ported to the IBM PC running under DOS supporting CGA, Hercules and EGA cards, already a GUI with mouse or keyboard controlled interaction with a menu-bar and pull-down menus. The NICBase 3.0 format was not compatible to earlier database versions, which required conversion [5]. After the NICBase development was stopped in early 1993, the Kuijf brothers agreed with TASC president Wil Sparreboom to make an entirely new database program TascBase instead [6]. NICBase was also supported by Rebel 6.0.

There were attempts to develop a new NICBase front-end by Peter van Diepen and Anton Schermer [7], which was apparently not released to the public. While its back-end is still used by the New In Chess team to classify openings with the NIC-Key, NICBase is available as online database via the New In Chess site [8].

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