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Kaissa, (Kaissa2)
a WinBoard compliant chess engine by Vladimir Yelin, namesake of the first World Computer Chess Champion, the famous Kaissa, and at times considered Crafty clone [1]. Sergei S. Markoff mentioned Vladimir Yelin also using ideas by Mikhail Botvinnik to determine objects for attack end defence [2] [3]. In 2004, Kaissa2 evolved to Patriot to become a commercial Arena engine. In May 2005, the new Patriot 2.0 turned out to be a Fruit/Toga clone [4] [5] [6], when later investigations revealed the previously assumed innocent [7] Patriot 1 aka later Kaissa versions were based on Crafty with many changes. Investigator Alexander Schmidt stated that later versions of Kaissa released after the Patriot disaster still have Crafty traces inside [8].


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