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Isa Genzken - Window [1]

Isa, (ISA) [2]
a chess engine by Daniel Anulliero, written in C, and compliant to the Chess Engine Communication Protocol. ISA's development started in 2014 using the FirstChess source by Pham Hong Nguyen, and gradually evolved to an own engine with multiple search enhancements as well as evaluation features implemented over the time, also documented by its author's postings in CCC. Isa was first public released in October 2016 as version 1.9.8 [3] with steady improvements and fixes in subsequent versions. Since November 2018, Isa 2.0.64 is available as Open Source under GitHub [4].



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Re: Isa version 1.9.8 release by Daniel Anulliero, CCC, December 10, 2016

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