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Intellect-021 [1]

a chess program by Y. Kubinov, which played the First Soviet Computer-Chess Championship 1988 in Ulan-Ude. The tournament report mentions Intellect ran on a special processor at 2MHz, written in assembly to perform an alpha-beta search with 20 pos/sec [2]. During the championship, the Soviet Computer-Chess Federation was founded, to support computer chess and to establish a cooperative for producing chess computers.


The dedicated chess computer Intellect-02 with KR580VM80A processor [3], a Soviet Intel 8080 clone, was released the same year, 1988. It was a cartridge system with Kalah and chess programs. According to Mike Watters, the 1988 Intellect-02 chess cartridge (serial number 4315) plays exactly like the Fidelity Chess Challenger 3 in several testgames with different levels and is very likely a clone of Ron Nelson's program.

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