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Hendrik Baier [1]

Hendrik Baier,
a German computer scientist with a Ph.D. degree in 2015 from the Games and AI group [2] around Mark Winands at Department of Knowledge Engineering, Maastricht University. His research focused on Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Go, and on Monte-Carlo hybrids, employing minimax with an evaluation function in the rollout phase and move selection of MCTS - with encouraging results in the domains of Othello and Dōbutsu shōgi (Let's Catch the Lion) [3]. Hendrik Baier holds a Bachelor's degree in 2006 from Darmstadt University of Technology [4], and a Master's degree in 2010 from University of Osnabrück already on Monte-Carlo Go [5].

Connect Four

Despite being solved by James D. Allen (October 1, 1988), and independently by Victor Allis (October 16, 1988) [6], Connect Four is still an interesting game for humans, and also suited as testbed for search algorthms. Hendrik Baier's 2006 Bachelor's thesis deals with alpha-beta with improvements and evaluation in this domain.

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