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Doctor Who [1]

is the commercial successor of Bobby II by Hans-Joachim Kraas and Günther Schrüfer. It was market by ChessBase as 16-bit engine in 1995 as analysis engine for ChessBase/Windows 1.0, and in 1998 as 32-bit add-on engine of the Fritz 5.32 package [2] [3]. Doctor? is written in C and was therefor available for various hardware platforms and operating systems. According to Ingo Althöfer, who used Doctor? in his triple-brain experiments, it was the first engine which implemented a k-best mode. Doctor?'s strengths were mainly due to strategy and unsual pawn structures in endgames. The engine uses fractional plies with a depth increment in iterative deepening of 1/3 ply [4].

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Re: Doctor module for Fritz/Chessbase? by Ingo Althöfer, rgcc, December 08, 1997

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