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Commodore VIC-20 Computer [1]

Commodore VIC-20,
a 8-bit home computer by Commodore International first released in 1981, and predecessor of the Commodore 64. It featured a 6502 processor with MOS Technology Video Interface Chip with up to 176×184 pixels, composite video for dedicated external monitor, or RF modulator for external TV, 20 KiB ROM along with Commodore BASIC and 5 KiB RAM, expandable up to 32 KiB. The VIC-20 has an integrated keyboard, card edge connectors for program/expansion cartridges and a PET-standard Datassette tape drive. Sargon II by Dan and Kathe Spracklen was available as cartridge.

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  1. Image by Cbmeeks, March 07, 2008, Wikimedia Commons

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