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Craig S. Bruce [1]

Craig Steven Bruce,
a Canadian computer scientist and senior software developer, Ph.D. at University of Waterloo on Performance Optimization for Distributed-Shared-Data Systems in 1998 [2]. His professional experience include low-level software libraries, computational geometry, map rendering, image processing, spatial indexing, performance optimization and high-level software design. He further is a 8-bit Commodore VIC-20 enthusiast [3], and along with his fellow R. Kevin Phillips, author of the chess program KC Chess to run under MS-DOS computers, written in Turbo Pascal for their undergraduate final project at the University of New Brunswick in 1990 [4].

Selected Quotations

by Craig S. Bruce [5]

  • Temporary solutions often become permanent problems (1986)
  • In 1969 a couple of guys walked around on the moon, but, much more important to the future of humanity, UNIX was invented (1994)
  • If you think a 300 MHz 64-bit RISC processor is better than a good old 8-bit 6502, then you just have a lack of imagination (1994)
  • The Dark Side of The Source: Inline documentation (1994)
  • The problem of research is that someone, somewhere, has already done what you are proposing to do. The challenge is to make sure that you don't find out about this other guy's work until after you have graduated (1994)
  • Parallel programming is being repeatedly slapped in the face by your faulty assumptions (2010)

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