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CXG 209 Star Chess Box [1]

CXG Star Chess,
a dedicated chess computer with integrated travel sensory pegboard and a Motorola 6800 compatible Newcrest 6301V 8-bit controller including 4 KiB ROM and 256 Byte RAM, produced and released by Newcrest Technology in 1985 as successor of the CXG Computachess III which had the Hitachi HD6301V1 on board. Like the Computachess III, the CXG Star Chess program was based on Kaare Danielsen's first program, LogiChess. The same program was also inside the CXG Enterprise S [2], also sold by Hegener & Glaser as Mephisto Merlin 4K [3]. This 6800 LogiChess branch was still in production in the 2000s, as used in all the Lexibook computers [4] with 68HC08 compatible microcontrollers [5] [6] [7].

CXG Advanced Star Chess

CXG 211 Advanced Star Chess Box [8]

The 1986 successor, CXG Advanced Star Chess had the more powerful Newcrest 6301Y controller with 16 KiB ROM, and 2.25 KiB RAM, and was already based on Kaare Danielsen's new program Enterprise, related to the CXG Super Enterprise [9], the CXG Sphinx Titan, and the CXG Super Crown [10], also marketed in 1987 by Hegener & Glaser as Mephisto Merlin 16K [11].


In his 1996 ICCA Journal paper on CHE, Chrilly Donninger mentions Kaare Danielsen as inventor of the pre-processing Oracle approach for his program CXG Advanced Star Chess [12]. However, there was also the famous Pre Scan Heuristics by David Kittinger as implemented in Super Constellation, and the whole idea was originally implemented in the program Tech by James Gillogly in the late 1960s [13].

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