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Statue of King Arthur [1]

a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible, portable chess engine by Walter Ravenek. Developed in the 90s, Arthur had an own graphical user interface for the Apple Macintosh computer.

Tournament Play

Arthur played various Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships with strong results, for instance becoming third at the DOCCC 1998 behind The King and CilkChess. It further played multiple Aegon Tournaments in the 90s, the IPCCC 1994, the WMCCC 1997 in Paris and the WCCC 1999 in Paderborn.


from the ICGA tournament site [2]


Arthur is an amateur chess program that has been developed as a literate program, i.e., with description and source code integrated in a single document. The complete print-out is some 500 pages. The program uses conventional search techniques, with some specific extensions developed by the author. The program is knowledge intensive and plays mainly positional games. Arthur has been a regular guest in the AEGON Man vs. Machine tournaments and the Open Dutch Computer Chess Championships. Over the last three years it has finished between the top amateur programs. 


Arthur is a strong Dutch amateur program. It has finished as the best amateur program in the Open Dutch Computer Chess Championships for the last three years, performing reasonably well against commercial programs. The program consists of a platform independent chess engine, which is connected to a graphical user interface for the Macintosh. A WinBoard version will be available in the near future. Arthur is quite capable tactically, but it tends to play a positional game, when given the chance. 

Computer Judgment

In 1995, Walter Ravenek mentioned that Arthur has code to handle the position composed by Roger Penrose concerning blockage detection. Does your program avoid bxa5? Walter found it a nice challenge, but due to little practical value, the code was deactivated to safe some evaluation time [3] [4]:

    
    
    
    
    
    
    
    
      
     
  
   
      
     ♝ ♟
  ♟   ♟♙
♜♟♙♟ ♟♙ 
♟♙ ♙♟♙  
♙   ♙   

6kr/5b1p/2p3pP/rpPp1pP1/pP1PpP2/P3P3/1K6/8 w - - 0 1

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