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Alan Blair [1]

Alan David Blair,
an Australian computer scientist, Ph.D. in Mathematics from MIT [2], and senior lecturer at School of Computer Science and Engineering [3], University of New South Wales (UNSW). His research interests include co-evolutionary learning, mobile robots and language processing. He is author of the Go playing program thcGo, using a recurrent cellular neural network [4] [5].


Duchess board [6]

Alan Blair is co-inventor of the a multi-player chess variant board game Duchess ™ [7], which is played between two teams of two or three players, and is similar to Chess but with extra pieces, larger board size and significantly greater branching factor. As elaborated in a recent paper along with Diogo Real [8], TreeStrap was used to determine the weights of evaluation features inside an alpha-beta search. A superior performance was achieved with an incremental approach, where the material values are learned first, followed by the attacking and defending values, and finally the piece-square values.

Selected Publications


1994 ...

  • Alan Blair (1994). Path Integrals on Ultrametric Spaces. Ph.D. thesis, MIT, advisor Gian-Carlo Rota
  • Alan Blair (1999). Co-evolutionary learning - lessons for human education? Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society, Newcastle, Australia, pdf

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2010 ...

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