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Marco Block-Berlitz [1]

Marco Block-Berlitz, (née Marco Block)
a German computer scientist, professor for computer graphics at the HTW Dresden], and scientific assistant at Free University of Berlin, where he already defended his Diplom and Ph.D. degrees in 2004 and 2009 respectively. He is member of the Artificial Intelligence Group [2] of Professor Raúl Rojas.


Marco Block-Berlitz' current research interests is in computational archaeology, in particular using UAVs equipped with video cameras and [[Artificial Intelligence|artificial intelligence] in cultural heritage management [3].


Marco Block worked on reinforcement learning in computer games and computer chess. As a chess player [4], he founded the chess programming group in 2002, creating the C# chess engine FUSc#, also topic of his Diplom thesis, and in 2007, the Java-University.

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