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Lars Karlsson [1]

Lars Karlsson,
a Swedish electrical engineer, computer scientist and technologist, in 1970 founder of Dataindustrier AB (DIAB) [2]. They had the card computer Data Board 4680 as first product, incorporating an Intel 4004, a Motorola 6800 and an Intel 8080, later eventually a Zilog Z80 [3] [4], followed by the ABC 80 home computer. In 1983, DIAB began to build Unix servers that were sold both under their own name and as OEM products by Cromemco / Dynatech. The company was subsequently sold to Bull after a time with Ericsson and Televerket as owner, while Karlsson moved to DIAB's subsidiary in the US and devoted himself to developing compilers, and stayed.there [5].


Starting in 1977, within about one man-year, Karlsson wrote a chess program in Z80 assembly for the Data Board 4680 card computer, dubbed Rook. Rook 4.0 played a strong WMCCC 1980, and Rook 4.5 lost from Boris Spassky during his simultaneous exhibition at the 1981 CeBIT fair in Hanover, Germany [6].


from an Lars Karlsson interview in MikroDatorn, February 1981 [7]
What have you earned from your chess programs?

Attention, maybe. The chess programs are a pure hobby business. It is interesting to do them because it requires that you know something about chess and know something about computers. Characteristic of my programs is that they imply a greater knowledge of computers than of chess. This is probably why I am now in the position that I have achieved a program that I can no longer beat by myself.

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