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Gary Linscott [1]

Gary Linscott,
an American computer scientist actually residing in the San Francisco Bay Area working in the autonomous mobility industry [2]. He graduated in 2005 from Queen's University [3], Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and was former Microsoft employee, where he worked on Expression Blend from 2005 until 2011. He has been interested in game playing algorithms, 3D graphics programming applying OpenGL and Direct3D, and data compression and image compression utilizing Daubechies wavelets. His interests include HTML5, JavaScript, and Node.js. He is author of multiple game playing and puzzle programs for various target platforms, beside others, the Go playing program ThinkGo for Windows Phone 7, the open source Othello program Cascade, and a Nine Men’s Morris program.


Gary Linscott is author of the open source chess engines and applications Garbochess and Garbochess-JS, the C# version also incorporated into Microsoft's Silverlight Chess [4] for the Silverlight framework.


As Stockfish contributor, Gary Linscott is primary author of the Stockfish Testing Framework dubbed Fishtest, a SETI@home kind of volunteer computing mainly written in Python [5] [6] under the Pyramid Application Development Framework [7].

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External Links

GitHub - glinscott/Stockfish: UCI chess engine
GitHub - glinscott/fishtest: Stockfish testing
GitHub - glinscott/Garbochess-JS: A strong javascript chess engine using WebWorkers
GitHub - glinscott/Garbochess-3: Garbochess for the PC
GitHub - glinscott/leela-chess: A chess adaption of GCP's Leela Zero


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