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Dharshan Kumaran [1]

Dharshan Kumaran, (born 1975)
a British chess grandmaster, neuroscientist, and senior research scientist at Google DeepMind, involved in the AlphaZero project mastering the games of Go, chess and Shogi. He holds a Ph.D. on the fundamental mechanisms operating within the human hippocampus from the University College London (UCL) under supervision of Eleanor Maguire, and he is still affiliated with UCL as honorary research associate at their Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Dharshan Kumaran's chess career started early, he became Under-12 World Youth Champion 1986 in San Juan, and Under-16 World Youth Champion 1991 in Guarapuava [2] and British Under-21 and Commonwealth U-21 Champion in 1993 [3]. He became international master in 1993, and grandmaster in 1997 [4]. With a rating of 2505, he is no longer active in official FIDE tournaments since 1998 [5], focusing on his academic career.

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