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Artem Petakov [1]

Artem Petakov, (Artem Pyatakov)
an Ukrainian born, American computer scientist, software engineer, and co-founder and president at Noom Inc. [2] (formerly WorkSmart Labs [3]), offering mobile apps that promote healthy living by monitoring the progress of its users, and providing advice on weight management [4]. He was previously affiliated with Google Inc., where he founded and later led the GeoSearch project on Google Maps, the Free University of Berlin, where he was successfully involved in their RoboCup project, Sun Microsystems, optimizing x86 execution in Solaris Kernel 10, and Microsoft as member the SQL server team [5].

Artem Petakov holds a Bachelor of Art from Princeton University, where he studied computer science, finance, and theater from 2000 to 2004, and also took Daniel Kanheman's psychology of decision making class [6]. His CS interests at that time were artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hardware and processor related topics, such as memory access and branch predictor, and their considerations in compiler optimization. During his freshman year at Princeton, he had written a chess engine which played under the handle Golch at ICC [7], and was also test-bed for his senior thesis Improving Computer Chess through Machine Learning [8] under advisor Robert Schapire [9].

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