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John Collier - Lilith [1]

a Chessbase compliant chess engine by Frank Schneider and Kai Skibbe and a successor of their GromitChess program, written in C++ with a 0x88 board representation, an improved evaluation and time-management, and some new search heuristics, which allow it to search deeper but more selective. GromitChess was renamed to Anaconda in 2003 to prevent copyright infringements with Wallace and Gromit by Aardman Animations [2] . The new name also devotes the positional playing style of the program, to slowly restrict its opponent mobility. Anaconda played the IPCCC 2003, IPCCC 2004, and IPCCC 2005, and as Chess960 compliant engine, the second Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship.

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