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Wolfgang Zugrav [1]

Wolfgang Zugrav,
an Austrian sales person at IBM [2], computer hardware expert, former watchmaker, chess and correspondence chess player, and since 2003 International Correspondence Chess Grand Master [3]. He was member of the First Vienna Computer Chess Club around Chrilly Donninger, and tester, hardware advisor and consultant as well as opening book author of Nimzo, and tester of Chrilly's early FPGA program Brutus during his games at the 17th World Correspondence Chess Championship [4] [5]. More recently, he was engaged in Jean-François Romang's PicoChess project [6].


At the WCCC 2016 and WCSC 2016 in Leiden, Wolfgang Zugrav operated and represented Steve Webber's Raptor, where he was also responsible for the opening book. He later worked with Frank Schneider, was member of the GridGinkgo team at the WCCC 2018, and operated and represented Ginkgo at the WCCC 2019 and WCSC 2019 respectively.

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