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The United States Open Computer Chess Championship was held four times in the 80s. Despite it was an open hardware tournament, it was except the first edition, where Belle and Bebe competed, a commercial micro computer chess tournament. The tournament was structured in such a way that manufacturers had to play their own machines against each other in some rounds. The rules clearly stated that the operators of each computer had the right to resign or offer a draw on behalf of their machines. Apparently the temptation to take advantage of the rules was too much for Fidelity to overcome [1] [2] [3].


Edition Event Origin Participants Champion
1st USOCCC 1985 Mobile, Alabama 18 Fidelity Elite XC
2nd USOCCC 1986 Mobile, Alabama 18 Challenger N
3rd USOCCC 1987 Mobile, Alabama 14 Private Line
4th USOCCC 1988 Mobile, Alabama 4 Chessmaster 2100

ICCA Reports


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